16th April 2015, London

BSAG 121


10 thoughts on “16th April 2015, London

    1. It’s a fox at the British Wildlife Centre, which is a kind of mini Zoo-cum-safari park (all native woodland creatures), in Kent. Up until last week, when we had the fence fixed, we also had foxes in our back garden (the cubs are very cute, but the adults can be a bit much).

      1. Very good. When I was growing up Heaton park used to have foxes and badgers (possibly) but the main thing I remember seeing is the empty runs after some animal rights people broke in and set them free. You could sort of see their point.

        We hear the stories, out here in the Colonies, about how your street foxes are so tame that they’ll nip in through an open window. Here they’re so the opposite that you rarely see them and one sight of a human and they’re off.

        1. The BWC is not too bad, I think – plenty of room (obviously not enough, but relatively speaking) for roaming. I wouldn’t be surprised about the window thing. They’re pretty bold. At one point we got really fed up with them and bought a device which was supposed to emit a high-pitched whistle to scare them off. I went outside to see one of them urinating on it. It didn’t work after that.

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