19th November 2015, London

BSAG 278


5 thoughts on “19th November 2015, London

  1. For me, this composition suggests the atmosphere of urban fantasy ( the variety found in the narratives of Charles de Lint & Neil Gaiman ).

      1. Only a few bits available online as samples. Being an old school comics reader, I was first introduced to Wesley Dodds, DC comics original Sandman, when he was reintroduced in Justice League of America No. 46 (July 1966). The character now ironically resonates with me because of my sleep apnea issues. 😀

        I have a post on Implied Spaces all about it. Every thing is grist for the creative mill. 🙂


        BTW Another urban fantasy setting of is The Nightside, the other city hidden within/beside London. The series of novels were written by Simon Green.

        The Nightside experiences perpetual night (“it’s always 3 am, the hour of the wolf”). The full moon, incredibly huge hangs over the city. The Nightside itself is contained within London, yet is significantly larger than London itself. Though access to the Nightside is hidden, it does experience a steady stream of tourists from the “normal world” from many different points in time.

        The series narrator and protagonist, John Taylor, describes the city as “a place where dreams come true and nightmares come alive. Where one can buy anything, often at the price of your soul… or someone else’s. Where the music never stops and the fun never ends”.

        Many of your compositions would go very nicely with the series. 🙂

        All the best in the New Year.

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