3rd June 2016, London

BSAG 379


10 thoughts on “3rd June 2016, London

  1. Whoa, so cool, the carry-over of the earlier photograph–that saturated, glowing background, the hat, the bag… but THEN this EYE, good grief, how to even describe how creeped out and disoriented I am by it?! It’s AWESOME! Once again you achieve an amazing sense of balance from the “off-kilter.” I love how rich and powerfully centered this is, and how bizarre.

    1. I’ve been racking my brains trying to remember where I have seen other eyes in your work. Now having gone back through I have found Fool, posted March 15, and your collaboration with Barry–his self-portrait, and then your self-portrait I (posted April 2, 2015). But I feel like there is at least one another one (that this one in this post makes me think of), abstract (with concrete, lots of contrast–I think) that I can’t find–maybe I’m just not remembering correctly.

      1. Ok, I couldn’t stop myself from going on a hunt (as you’ll see from various comments I left scattered around. Haha–sorry about that. Ezrabeth and I are putting in time that counts toward my neurospeech work. 🙂 Anyway, I couldn’t find the image. Maybe you’ll know which one I’m talking about, or maybe I’ve invented it. 🙂

        1. Thanks for all the lovely comments – you’ve sent me on a hunt too – and I really enjoyed it – like looking at old holiday snaps! 🙂 I’d love it if you had invented it!

        1. I came across that one, too, yesterday and realized seeing it that the eye I was looking for was definitely a left eye, and not a right eye, BUT that the left eye was in the position of where we would expect to see a right eye, in the upper left quadrant of the image. I’m pretty certain that whatever my brain has remembered or “invented” is mixed-media photograph/painting. I’m starting to think I’ve somehow merged some of your work in my mind. 🙂

        2. Well, and after all of this, what I’ve been wanting to ask is: is there some significance for you in your choosing (almost always, it seems, in the images where you feature an eye) the LEFT eye?

    2. Thanks so much, Lemony! Such a lovely compliment. This is all paint – acrylic on canvas. Based on a digital construct (a later version of the earlier photograph).

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